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Can Help

We will work with you, your loved one and physician to design a care plan that keeps you independent in your home.  If you or your loved one needs assistance with the following tasks, CCOR can help.

Getting in and out of bed | Laundry

Toileting | Filling a pillbox 

Shopping & errands

Meal preparation | Showering

Getting dressed | Household chores 

Transportation | Medical appointments

Managing medical needs & benefits 

Call us at 844.546.1600 to get started!

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Need Services?

If you are at all concerned about yourself or your loved ones being safe at home & would like to see what kind of care we would recommend, simply give us a call or fill out our Needs Assessment form below. Click here for more information on CCOR's services.

Fill out our Needs Assessment form to see how we can help you or your loved one.

Service Area

We are licensed to provide services in 18 counties in Western New York, with 5 office locations for your convenience.   

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