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Compliance & Sexual Harassment

Compliance/Whistle Blowing

It is important that all employees of CCOR understand their responsibility in reporting suspected Non-Compliance Issues.  This is covered in your initial and annual in-servicing for CCOR.  Federal law allows you, the employee, to have the ability to report information regarding Non-Compliance Issues anonymously.  Employees must also be assured that CCOR cannot intimidate or retaliate against any employee who is reporting in good faith any suspected Non-Compliance Issues.


The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, requires CCOR (CCOR employees and business associates) to maintain the confidentiality of all your healthcare records and other identifiable patient health information (PHI). You may revoke your consent through our HIPAA Officer at any time.


Compliance & HIPAA Officer

Dan Oonk
Phone: 585.546.1600 x1119

- Oversees CCOR's commitment to adhering to Federal and State rules & regulations
- Oversees any allegations of non-compliance

- Oversees any HIPAA violation/Breach investigations

QA Department

Phone: 585.546.1600 option 7

Anonymous Hotline

CCOR has a dedicated hotline to report anonymously. 

The number for the anonymous hotline is: 


Additional Hotlines: 

Office of Medicaid Inspector General Fraud Hotline: 


Department of Health Complaint Line: 


NYS Sexual Harassment Information

CCOR is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace. View the information here: 

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