CCOR Core Values

Updated: Aug 12

When Al Gauvin started our company in 1997, it was inspired by family. Families care for one another, help one another, show up for another, and laugh with one another. The idea of family remains the foundational principle upon which everything we do is built. This concept inspired our Core Focus of "Making the Moment" and helped form our Core Values.

Our Core Values:

1. Extending the Family

We extend to our clients and to each other the same care, concern, and support we would give to a family member. Our company was inspired by family, so this value is an important part of what we do.

  • Show each other support, concern, and honesty.

  • Help each other through difficulties.

2. Get it Done

We show up and get the job done, no matter what.

  • Don't stop until the job is complete.

  • Be ready to work.

  • Work without being told.

3. Lead with Heart

Before we do anything, we think of the other person and act in a way that shows them understanding and respect.

  • Stop and think about how what you do affects other people.

  • Do what's best in a kind and appropriate way.

  • Care comes first.

4. Solve the Problem

We think outside the box to find solutions. Even if the problem seems unbeatable, we channel the inner superhero and overcome.

  • Solutions exist; find them.

  • Defeat the issue; achieve results.

  • Overcome elements beyond your control.

5. Little Funnies :)

Everything we do is tempered with humor. Our sense of humor makes us who we are.

  • Laugh a little.

  • Make someone smile.


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CCOR Compliance & Sexual Harassment

CCOR is serious about protecting our clients and employees. To learn more about what we do to prevent situations of fraud, non compliance, and sexual harassment click here.