Our History

In the beginning, everything went about as well as could be expected. Al went to his job late and checked on his sister at lunch. His wife, a teacher, was home to care for her by 3:30pm. With this schedule Muriel was only alone a few hours each day. During one of his lunch-hour checks, Al came home to discover Muriel stuck under her hospital bed - she had been laying there unable to get up for three hours. 


Al and his family realized more help was needed; that afternoon the family started calling homecare agencies to set up services. Unfortunately, none of them could complete an evaluation for 72 hours. Even once services were arranged, Al and his family found them completely inadequate. In the week and a half that service was scheduled, only a few shifts were filled in their entirety. Later that week, Muriel was taken to the emergency room, where she passed four days later. 

After the funeral, Al reflected on the care his sister received. He mused, "There must be a better way to treat people." He began to search for alternatives to meet the needs of individuals in distress. From his experience and research, Al Gauvin ultimately decided to establish his own solution and in October of 1997 Companion Care of Rochester, Inc. (CCOR) was born. 

Initially our agency offered non-hands on care, providing quick responses and quality care for older adults and individuals with disabilities who needed support. In 2008, CCOR became a Licensed Home Care Services Agency, now able to provide both medical and non-medical care. Throughout the years, our goal has remained the same: to treat those we care for and their families like our own, at times when they can't be there. 

Since our inception in 1997 we have built our reputation by providing quality, in-home personal care to loved ones, when their caregivers can't be there. We have discovered that there are thousands of families facing the same dilemma Al's family once faced - how to provide simple, day-to-day assistance to their loved one while avoiding institutional care. Whether the service is highly skilled or basic companionship, a couple hours or full-time care, our staff encourage a safe, nurturing, independent lifestyle for you or your loved one.

Portrait of Muriel Guavin

CCOR | Companion Care of Rochester, Inc., is a Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) offering services in 18 counties throughout Western New York.  Click here to contact us.

CCOR Compliance & Sexual Harassment

CCOR is serious about protecting our clients and employees. To learn more about what we do to prevent situations of fraud, non compliance, and sexual harassment click here.